[SBS Star] BLACKPINK Tries Fierce New Look for a Magazine Photo Shoot

The members of K-pop girl group BLACKPINK tried a whole different look for a magazine’s upcoming issue.

Recently, Chinese magazine ‘JALOUSE’ dropped photos from their recent photo shoot with BLACKPINK on the magazine’s official social media.
BLACKPINKIn the released pictorial, all four BLACKPINK members pulled off a gothic-punk look which is definitely apart from their usual style.
BLACKPINKBLACKPINKTheir bold makeup and edgy, glamorous wardrobe definitely caught the eyes of many, as they bring out completely different charms from the members.

Upon seeing the photos, fans commented, “I want this to be the next concept of their album. I love it!”, “OMG Just look how LISA pulls off that black lips.”, “Seriously, they are so good at all the concepts.”, and so on.

Don’t forget to check out more photos of the members below:

(SBS Star)