[SBS Star] Block B U-KWON Says He Plans to Marry His Girlfriend of 8 Years

K-pop boy group Block B’s member U-KWON says he has been thinking about when the best time will be to marry his girlfriend model Jeon Sunhye lately.

On June 12 episode of MBC every1’s talk show ‘Video Star’, U-KWON made a guest appearance.

During the talk, U-KWON mentioned his girlfriend who he has been with for about eight years.U-KWONU-KWON said, “Actually, I wanted to marry Sunhye before I enlisted in the military. I had quite a bit of time until then, because I could delay my military enlistment until I was 30 (Korean age). But the law has changed recently, so I can no longer delay it after next year.”

He carried on, “I recently have been thinking which of the two―marriage and military service I should start first. If I go to the military first, then it will allow me to make more money for our marriage. I don’t know though.”U-KWONThe hosts gave their sincere advice to U-KWON, then asked him to send a video message to his girlfriend.

U-KWON said, “Hi, Sunhye. During our 8-year relationship, there were times when things were tough, but we have made great memories together.”

He added with tears in his eyes, “I’m sorry that you’ll have a hard time due to my military enlistment. It’s not going to be easy for either one of us, but I’ll definitely continue trying my best to keep making us work.”U-KWONU-KWON made his relationship with Jeon Sunhye public back in 2012. 

(Lee Narin, Credit= MBC every1 Video Star, Online Community) 

(SBS Star)